Atlantis Word Processor Crack

Atlantis Word Processor Crack

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Atlantis Word Processor Crack with Activation Key Free Download 2022

Atlantis Word Processor Crack

Atlantis Word Processor Crack is a standalone word processor for professional writers and those who occasionally create documents. Powerful and feature-rich, supercompact and lightning fast, user-friendly, and fully customizable, it will let you work on your own terms. Being an offline word processor, Atlantis doesn’t require an Internet connection to function. Work securely on your important documents, and share them with others only when you really need them. Atlantis Word Processor supports a wide range of Windows versions, from 2000 and XP to the latest versions, and can be used even on computers with modest resources.

Atlantis Word Processor Crack with Activation Key Free Download

Atlantis Word Processor Crack with Activation KeyAtlantis is a word processor with charisma. With a unique look and feel, it offers features you will not find anywhere else. Atlantis Word Processor is a “try-before-you-buy” product. You can install Atlantis Word Processor to your computer, and evaluate it for up to 30 days for free. All trial copies of Atlantis Word Processor are fully-functional. No features are disabled. They all are available for you to evaluate for 30 days. But suppose you want to continue using Atlantis Word Processor beyond the 30-day evaluation period (starting with your first day of use). In that case, you will have to register your copy of Atlantis Word Processor.

Atlantis Word Processor Crack with Serial Key Use the link below to download the Setup file of Atlantis Word Processor. Then run the downloaded file on your system. This will install a trial copy of Atlantis on your computer. If you already have a copy of Atlantis on your PC, this will upgrade or repair your Atlantis Word Processor. Every paragraph in Atlantis is terminated by a special symbol – the paragraph end mark. These symbols are not printed on paper. They are also invisible in Atlantis until you enable the View | Special Symbols mode. When this mode is on, paragraph end marks display like a capital “P” letter reversed with two vertical strokes (the so-called “pilcrow” symbol.

Atlantis Word Processor Crack with Activation Key

Atlantis Word Processor Crack with License Key Atlantis offers many features standard in other word processors. But it lacks some essential features like collaboration. Atlantis Word Processor’s present version is unsuitable for creating complex scientific documents with mathematical formulae and embedded objects. On the other hand, Atlantis Word Processor has several features popular among writers. The Overused Words feature helps writers avoid repetitions and. The “Save as eBook” feature converts any document to an eBook.Atlantis also provides writers with information about writing time and speed. Finally, Atlantis can be used to print booklets (including pocket-size brochures).

Atlantis Word Processor Crack

Key Features:

  • Documentation preparation and structuring are simple, with the selection of expandable and configurable documentation designs and standard communications.
  • For seasoned players, comprehensive formatting assistance is provided.
  • Of obviously, many conventional typefaces and structuring functions are available.
  • Accommodate upwards of 20 entries.
  • Panels could stand in manual mode, broken up into syllables.
  • To partition the content into many pieces, everyone with their unique sheet characteristics, users could build magazine articles.
  • It features two visual configuration options for the advantage of innovating and modifying the color of the typeface. Like such a watercolor, users would utilize a single move cursor to arrange the letters.
  • The standard color scheme and paintbrush are a cutting-edge ways to customize documents.
  • Another of element on the Atlantis center console is format selection.
  • An international software application can assist users in writing flawless texts.
  • Atlantis gains distinctive qualities because of the unique tool Dynamic Typing.
  • If imaginative authors desire their writings to be just fascinating or entertaining to consume, they should minimize redundancy and stereotypes by overusing the keyword purpose.

More Features:

  • The Overused Words feature will help writers avoid repetitions and cliches.
  • Rich Text Format documents (RTF)
  • MS Word 6.0/95/97/2000/XP/2003 documents (DOC)
  • MS Word 2007 documents (DOCX)
  • OpenDocument documents (ODT)
  • Atlantis Word Processor Encrypted Documents (COD)
  • The Safeguard and Backup Files features make sure that you work under extremely safe conditions.
  • Private documents can also be encoded and secured using powerful 256-bit encryption technology.
  • The Atlantis interface is entirely customizable:
  • Menus, toolbars, hot keys, colors, and sounds can all be adjusted to suit your own requirements.
  • You can convert any document to an eBook with just a few mouse clicks.
  • And much, much more for you to discover.
  • Supports major document formats
  • MS Write documents (WRI)
  • Plain text documents (TXT)
  • You can also choose a different font type or heading depending on your necessities.
  • Unique typing assists with learning abilities, Power Type, will help you compose documents in less time.
  • You can preview these changes in real-time, thus helping you develop a GUI perfectly tailored to your tastes for creating text documents or editing existing ones (TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, COD, WRI).

What’s New?

  • A fresh approach to the navigation bar but also program customization
  • Modern, simple, and user-friendly appearance
  • Graphics, choices, techniques, and choosing can all be changed
  • Additional assistance with charts that have descriptions
  • Further performance improvements but also advancements.

System Requirements:

  • Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
  • RAM (Memory): 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more

Serial Keys:



  • Following downloading, use creates the conditions or similar software to decompress the package.
  • Utilizing the Malware removal Downloader, firstly, thoroughly remove the old software.
  • The disk image installs the programmer typically after extraction.
  • Execute code no later than installation.
  • Try reading the Getting started guide document at all times.
  • Utilizing the Malware removal Downloader, firstly, thoroughly remove the old software.
  • The disk image installs by the programmer usually after extraction.
  • Execute code no later than installation.
  • Try reading the Getting started guide document at all times

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